About a year ago now, Rich & I were walking the dirty, cracked sidewalks of England. True North had gone on without us, but we had our own agendas of good food & econo-entertainment. On such a walk I asked Rich what kind of music he was playing now that he lived across the way in St. Augustine.
Last time Iíd seen Rich play, he was doing sweet acoustic songs with Andy. He told me that now he had 2 electric projects going – one of someone elseís songs (which was fun in an I-donít-have-to-sing-or-write-lyrics-or-music way) & one with 2 friends that was more like what heíd done before. I was excited to hear both.
It was some more months before I saw either of these new bands play. Both Tubers & Solid Pony were worth the wait. Just unpretentious songs from genuinely nice fellows. Which isnít as rare as it sounds these days. Especially when you factor in smaller amps, personal lyrics & printing on recycled paper with vegetable inks.
I like that when Rich tells me about something (whether buying a house; starting a record label or making sure students at his school get at least one nutritious meal a day), then I know itís solid. Like the heartiness of their food name, these Tubers have taken from their local soil – Florida gators, shells & oranges painted by mom and stitched by grandmom; photos of their father surfing, even lyrics from their grandmom – and reposited them anew amidst the 3-piece sway of their songs. The songs crest and crash like the shore thatís so much a part of St. Augustine. Nature metaphors can be cheezy, I know, but will you deny the sublime sea?
Again, all this sounds like a litany of small compliments, but in these days of compromise & political embarrassment, being a person of your word means a goddamn lot. Meaning, when your friend asks you to write a few words about their new album, you donít blow it off & go to the local bar. You stay up that night & write as the test-press of their songs play back to you.
“Travis Magoo”

1. The Ultimate Late Night Didn’t Taste Right
2. Sounds Outside
3. Watch You Seize
4. P 38
5. Call It A Night
6. Harp 1
7. Hunger Artist
8. You Will Loose Your Looks To A Bottle
9. Poor Me
10. Ain´t Got No Honeybabe Now

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