Presenting ΣRRANT MONKS: THE LIMIT-EXPERIENCE LP, the bones of which were assembled in the aftermath of a tumultuous Eastern European tour in 2016. 2 years in the making, 2 years of manic studio itching, 2 years of reflection and recovery. The impetus behind the album, with its intermittent spells of dream sequences, is the ordeal I found myself enduring on that tour. Battling with psychosis and alcoholism – no doubt exacerbated by spending 4 months under house arrest in Manchester in the run up to the tour – I ascended into a state of intense mania which culminated in my experiencing Delirium Tremens and seizures from alcohol withdrawal in Budapest. These experiences were captured on a recording device the moment that I regained consciousness. This was The Limit-experience, the subject broken away from itself at the edge of all possibility. With nowhere left to turn a profound shift in focus emerged. Shedding self-destructive nihilism for the growth of a new understanding of balance and a will to begin my recovery.

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ΣRRANT MONKS: THE LIMIT-EXPERIENCE features – Joseph C, Sam Buchanan, Neil Francis, Leo Robinson, Azlee Babar and Paul Maddocks.

300 copies – black vinyl with X-ray insert.

Released June 1, 2019

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