FSKs “Stürmer” is one of the most outstanding records in the history of german avantpop/punk. Originally released 1981 on the legendary ZickZack label, the debut LP by Munich’s Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle soon became cult and one of the most important NDW / german postpunk releases ever. Active since today F.S.K. soon became one of John Peel’s all time favourites and actually did more Peel Sessions than any other band – well, besides The Fall, of course. For quite some time now it was hardly possible to grab a copy “Stürmer”, but right on time for its 30th anniversary this seminal LP finally is reissued, accompanied by a 8 pp. booklet with lots of unpublished photos and extensive liner notes by NDW-historiograph Frank Apunkt Schneider (in german). 2016 repressing with revised booklet, unfortunately quite expensive.

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